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Chocolate Mendiants

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800 gram Box 

Delicious 60% dark chocolate flavors “High on Happy” and “That Skinny” are the base for the mendiant that is sweetened with the mega-, superfood dates, and a dash of coconut sugar. No palm oil, no emulsifiers, perfect to serve fit-foodie guests and loved ones because there is something for everyone!

Mendiant variants come as:

  1. A fruit cocktail of apricot, figs, sultana, and toasted coconuts
  2. Protein Rich in sesame, pumpkin, chia, coffee, apricot, cranberry, coffee
  3. Roasted hazelnuts overload
  4. Pistachio overload
  5. Power Up with dried cranberry, sultana, almonds
  6. Bounty of toasted coconut strips and grated coconut
  7. Nut House of hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds

    Please select whether made with dairy or vegan. 

    Best consumed within 14 days after delivery because toppings are exposed to air and moisture.

    Made by Co. Chocolat 

    Please order a minimum of 48hrs in advance.