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"The Magic of The Desert is Hard to Define"

Inspired by the natural beauty of the UAE desert.

This art is a dedication to conserving the Arabian way of life & the resources it contains. Like the national bird & the national tree of UAE.

Falcon as the national bird of the UAE - The popular Saker falcon seen in the art symbolizes strength, courage, pride, grace, and force of desert Life.

Today falconry is practiced as a traditional sport & it holds great importance in UAE's tradition & culture.

The Ghaf tree –The national tree of UAE is an evergreen survivor tree of strong winds, water loss, and high temperatures. The presence of this tree indicates the presence of groundwater & at the same time has multiple benefits medically & environmentally.
Therefore various initiatives have been taken into consideration to increase planting more ghaf trees in coming years to highlight the value & importance as well as protecting the valuable part of UAE heritage.

The poetic verses in Diwan Calligraphy are an extract from The Book- 'Flashes of Verse ' By His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum


Available in two sizes.