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Emirati Library Box

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Our complete Emirati Collection, presented in a beautiful, high-quality presentation box, made with our signature black kraft paper, with a stamp on the lid of our mascot – the dhow.

Inspired by treasured recipes of the UAE, our Emirati collection includes some of the lesser known traditional favourites that were created by the nomadic residents of the region, at a time when the Spice Route was just starting to influence flavours.

This box contains:

  • White Chocolate Aseeda (GF, D)
  • 45% Milk Chocolate with Loqaimat (GF, D)
  • 52% Dark Milk Chocolate with Ragag (D)
  • 62% Dark Chocolate with Halwa (GF, N)
  • 62% Dark Chocolate with Khabeesa (GF, N)