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Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

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Ideal to compliment a gift for the coffee lover, Cado's own locally roasted, fair trade coffee beans. 

Available in three different bean varieties, perfect for espresso:  

  • Colombian 
  • Brazilian 
  • Ethiopian 

250 gram whole roasted coffee beans 

Roasted in Dubai

250gr Colombian Bean Roasting Notes: 

  • Creamy Chocolate, Fondant, Caramelized Hazelnut
  • Rich, syrupy smooth body 

250gr Brazilian Bean Roasting Notes: 

  • Dried Apricot, Dark Chocolate, Honey, Hazelnut
  • Round body with a sweet finish 

250gr Ethiopian Bean Roasting Notes: 

  • Intense Floral Aromas, Nectarine, Strawberry, Orange Zest
  • Elegant Tea-like body, Smooth Lingering Finish