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Russian Oscietra

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Rigorously selected from the finest quality Russian sturgeons, this caviar is exquisitely prepared using an old Astrakhan recipe. It takes between 8 and 20 years to harvest the large 3mm grain size and only a select few specimens will produce the necessary roe to meet our exceptional standards. The eggs can be recognized by their distinctive golden and amber reflection with a pleasantly firm texture. The taste is rich with a long-lasting hazelnut-infused flavor.

Available in 3 sizes. 

HOW TO STORE CAVIAR: The ideal temperature for storing caviar is 0 / -2 C . Unopened, caviar will last 1 week, in your refrigerator. Once opened, enjoy your caviar within 2-3 days.

 HOW TO SERVE CAVIAR: Serve caviar on a bed of shaved ice either in its own tin or in a glass or Mother of Pearl server. Never use metal when serving caviar, as it has adverse effects on the flavor.