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Euphoria Room Sprays

  • AED 135
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Enjoy instant fragrance with just one spritz! 

These beautifully scented room sprays are great for styling your living room, bedroom and every room in between. 

Formulated as an Eau De Toilette for the home, the room spray instantly enhances a room, leaving the desired intensity of fragrance floating in the air. 

E5: Notes of blackcurrant, patchouli and moroccan jasmin. E5 is a blend of a fruity and woody scent, the fragrance combines an inviting fresh and citrus scent with a woody smell. 


E7: Notes of citrus, musk and fresh spice. E7 opens with a citrusy fruit burst that is refreshing and clean. It is an elegant yet versatile scent, suitable for all settings. 


E8: Notes of cardamon, leather and amber. E8 begins with the scent of smooth leather, followed by a herbal aroma and a cloying amber haze that lingers. 


E10: Notes of cedar musk, rose and oud. E10 is a floral woody musk fragrance. It is distinctive, lovely and spicy fragrance. 


E12: Notes of Leather, Wood and Fresh spices. E12 Starts off with a biting leather and pepper opening. A masculine scent with a unique take on leather.