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Festive Season Activity Kit

  • AED 380
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A kit containing 4 festive activities to keep kids busy and learning during the holiday season.


DIY house: Build and decorate it yourself, starting with puzzling together the wooden pieces to create a small house, then use it as your canvas to colour, glue and decorate with love (skills: construction, engineering and artistic imagination skills)


Snowflakes: A set of 16 round snowflakes allowing the creation of various shapes and structures by placing the circles within each-other(skills: building and Engineering skills, hand- eye coordination and fine motor skills)


Sensory Globe: stick the tree onto the cover of the globe, then fill the globe with your choice of sensory stimulating items included in the kit: snowflakes, glitter, a bit of glue and water (not included) to create your own sensory snow globe. (skills: Sensory development, calm down and self-soothing skills)


Ornaments: Color and decorate the ornament of your imagination.(skills: creative skills and artistic expression)


Ages 2+